Wednesday 15 August 2012

Trudeau Fuel Snap Cutlery Sets Review

I'm reviewing Trudeau Fuel snap cutlery sets for today. The ones I have are the 3 piece snap cutlery sets, they also come in 2 piece with just the spoon and fork.

When I first received them, I had no idea how these work. I was wondering to myself why was there a need to have holes on the cutlery? Only later did I realised that this design helped the cutlery to clip together easily. How clever! :)

The cutlery sets looks fun and comes in 3 vibrant colours kids will love. I like stainless steel cutlery but they are usually not ergonomically designed for kids. These snap on cutlery sets are perfect for kids to use, the plastic handles makes it easy to hold on to. And just like the lunchboxes, they made from BPA free and eco- friendly materials and have a 5 year warranty.

I've tried out the Trudeau Fuel sandwich box again today, this time I've packed sushi in it. :) I've to say it works great for sushi too.

I had another design in mind for the sushi, but my boys requested for yellow angry birds. So yellow angry birds it shall be.

I've added minced egg yolk to the rice to get the yellow colour. Other food are salmon coated with cornmeal, broccoli, strawberries and grapes.

The covers close over the food nicely. Love the attached lid, there's no need to worry about losing your lids anymore. :)


  1. Love the sushi and the salmon looks so delicious too! Now I feel like having sushi for lunch today. I'll pay you anytime instead of the Japanese restaurant to make me these,heheh :)

    1. U are so sweet, Rina. Trust me, the rest ones are better. I rather eat those at the rest. They boys dun care as long as they hv soya sauce to dip their sushi with, lol.


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