Friday 3 August 2012

Sausage Doggy Bento

Something fast to end the week, doggies made out of sausage. I did a tutorial on it, hope it's useful. :)

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Sausage doggies sitting on baked pasta.

Food in the other box are hash brown, golden kiwis, strawberries and grapes.

Smaller portion of baked pasta for School.

And there's grapes for their snack boxes.

My beefy dinner yesterday, lol, beef patties, black pepper beef with greens. :P

Moving on to the steps to do the sausage doggy. :)

Boil 2 sausages, keep 1 for the body. Slice off around 1/3 for the other one.

Slice the 1/3 portion into half. One half for the head. Slice the other half in half again, that will be for the ears.

Slice off a portion from the remaining 2/3 sausage and that will be for the tail.

You can slice off the back, so that it's thinner and easier to attach.

Attach on the parts using pasta, and these are the punchers I use for the eyes and ears. You can use a dab on mayo to glue on those nori parts.

Ta-dah. it's done. Don't really require any tools, you can substitute the nori cut outs with black sesame seeds too. :)
Bunting - Dots and Stripes - Rainbow - 1
Items used in this bento:


  1. Li Ming, may I know what's the brand of the sausage you always buy? From which supermarket?

    1. Jasmine, I'm using this brand call Tay for this, at frozen section. I bot fr finest at MP.

  2. Yea. I want to know too. What brand of sausage you always buy ya? :p that smiley harshbrown? What brand is that? So cute!
    Lastly, can i request on baked pasta recipe? Im noob in cooking here. Wanted to learn. Thanks!

    1. Yenn, the hash brown is McCains n the sausage brand is Tay. Available at frozen section of supermarket here. Can, can, but I'll update in another post, this post already hv tutorial, dun want too many info here. You just check out my recipe page next Monday for the link. :)

  3. Hai.. Me again.. May I know where you get your lunch boxes? They are so cute.. You must have lot of lunch boxes in different designs.. Celine

    1. Lol, Celine, u are right, I've a lot of Lunchboxes, but I've some favorites that I use very often. I get them from a lot of different places. For this post, the sandwich boxes are from Nanairo, n the onigiri ones are from the little happy shop.

  4. This is super cute, I love it!!! So many of your cute bentos that I missed during my vacation! I am leaving again tomorrow and will catch up with you next week.

    1. Tk u do much, Rina. Missing you around and hv a gd vacation! :)

  5. This is so adorable! We eat mostly vegan, so I have been very limited with my options. Seeing this wants negotiations go back to my meat eating ways (*^﹏^*)

    1. S.N. check out bento anarchy, veggie bento n Shins vegan Lovin link on my blog roll on the left for inspiration. :) I think I've seen veggie hotdogs on bento anarchy before. :)


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