Thursday 16 August 2012

Odie, Angry Bird Sushi and Seal Bento

No, no, no, I did not make all those characters in my bento at the same time. I was to do another product review post for today, but I forgot to buy an important ingredient needed to finish off the last bento needed for the post. -_- So, I decided to consolidate the boys' snack bentos I've not been able to share for the past week. Be warn that they will look suspiciously familiar since I've already shared their lunch bentos during the week and their snack bentos are usually simplified versions of that. :P

This was for IT's Sports Day last wednesday. He had to report at 7.15 am that day. I did not bother packing him a charaben since my brain can't function that early in the morning. -_- LT skipped School for that day and we all went to support IT at Sports Day, I packed a similar box for him too.

Odie snack boxes for Tuesday. Jam sandwiches, chicken and grapes.

This was for Wednesday, Angry Bird sushi, grapes and salmon.

Lastly, seals on soba for today. Seals are made from quail eggs, I also packed grapes qand coriander wings. :)

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Items used in the bentos:


  1. I cant stop falling in love with your bento! How? Lol....

  2. They look very neat and cute, love the tiny detailing on the quail eggs. You must have real steady hands:) The yellow lunch box stands out, I like the color. N loves soy sauce too and have been asking me to send with his school lunches, but I have to buy those tiny bottles first and also afraid he might make a mess.

    1. Awwwww, tk u very much, Rina. I like that box too, n only $2. :) If I allow, they will dip everything in soya sauce. -_-

  3. Ming, do you think if you able to help me buy that box? I just could not find it here. :(


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