Friday 17 August 2012

Trudeau Fuel Salad on the Go Container Review

I'm reviewing Trudeau Fuel Salad on the Go container for today. It's a good size container, designed for keeping your salad fresh and crisp. And it serves this function that it is designed for very well.

It comes in 2 colours for the lid, red and green. It's ideal for any cold salads, like the usual green salad, pasta salad, etc. It's made with eco-friendly and BPA free materials and comes with a five year warranty.

It has an ice pack that will attached on the cover together with a dressing container. :) Love this clever design. The ice pack will keep cold for 4 hours. I tried packing a salad for myself and it was still cold when I had it 3 hours later. I was too hungry and did not get to test it out till 4 hours.

The container is of a good size and you can pack in quite a lot.

Love the built in salad dressing container as well. I'm into light salad dressing these days, so a little lemon juice, vinegar and sugar is good for me. :)

This was salmon salad which I packed the following day. Just roll up the salmon slices and you get salmon roses. :)

Ladybugs on my salad on another day. Nah, they are only tomatoes. :P

The boys do not eat their veggies raw, they still can't get use to the taste. However, I found a good use of this container for them. It's perfect for soba as well, the dressing container can contain the soba sauce and the ice pack will keep everything cold. :)

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  1. Oh, I am in love with the tomato ladybugs. SUPER Cute. Great idea to use it for soba and looks so yummy!


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