Monday 6 August 2012

London Queen's Guard Bento

Thanks everyone for your kind comments at the Giveaway post, I did read through everyone of them. But I will not be replying over there as I am trying not to mess up the number of comments for easier counting later. So, I will only reply if you ask a question there. :)

I made the London Queen's guards or as my boys call them, London soldiers for the bentos today. Inspired by the Olympics, since it is held in London. :) Queen's guards idea from online. :)

Rice, with meatballs, gyozas, broccoli, golden kiwis and strawberries.

I planned to add 2 round cheese buttons on their shirt. Er, but I totally forgot about the buttons while making these in the morning. Hiaz, my terrible memory these days. -_-

Boxes for School, rice, with meatballs and grapes.

A closer look. :)

This was dinner last Friday, same stuff for the boys and me. Fish soup mee sua with gyoza. Hubby's still on his fast and only eats salad for dinner. I've to confess it's a lot easier cooking when he's not eating, lol. :P

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