Wednesday 22 August 2012

Trudeau Fuel Snack Containers Review

I've 2 kinds of snack containers from Trudeau Corp for the review today. :)

The first one is called the snack pod. It's a small pot that comes with a removable ice pack that locks onto its cover. This container is leak proof and is ideal for yoghurt, pudding, fruits, apple sauce, etc.

The second one is the called the Snack'n dip container. This is a small and handy container, comes with both a snack and a dipping compartment. It's ideal for veggie sticks, crackers, fruits with a dip or spread.

It comes with a spreader as well, that you can keep at the cover. And like all other Trudeau's products, the boxes come with a five year warranty and are made from eco-friendly and BPA free materials. :)

I've been packing the boys' snacks for School using the 2 containers. A fast and simple Pooh theme for the 3 days. :)

Crackers with salmon dip and yogurt. A fast pooh face made out of cheese and nori. Pooh and honey decor in the yogurt pot are made by freezing yogurt in a silicon mould. The idea comes from a guest post by Veggie -Bentos on Bentoriffic. :) Great idea, now I'm going to get more moulds. :)

Cheese sticks with cheese dips and yogurt with fruits. Pooh and Piglet on the cheese sticks are done by melting chocolate onto the silicon mould.

And lastly, carrot bread on skewers with cheese dip and strawberry shortcake packed in the pots.

Pooh on sticks. :) My favourite out of the lot. :)


  1. These are adorable!
    I like the look of those snack pots!

  2. I must have missed this super cute Pooh bentos of yours! Pooh on sticks are just too adorable, need to show my son now!

    1. N I missed ur comment too, tks a lot, Rina, hope N likes these too. :)

  3. Hi
    Where can I get both of tis in SG?
    Many thx

    1. They are not available here at the moment. :( But there are other Trudeau Fuel boxes sold in John Little. Kindly leave a name/nick next time, tks! :)

  4. Hi Ming
    Thx for d info. Reali sad to hear dat. SG seems to missed out on lotsa things : (
    Apology for d earlier status

  5. Hi Ming,

    Been your fan for a while now... :)
    Got your reference from Jmama website...

    How did you get the colorful bread e.g. the carrot bread that you used for Pooh?

    Love it to bits!

    Thank you.

    1. Tk u very much, Tasia. Are u from Singapore? The carrot bread are from crystal jade's bakery. They also hv spinach bread (green) n black glutinous bread ( purple ). :))


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