Monday 27 August 2012

Totoro Cat Bus Bento

It's the last week of Term 3, so fast! Looking forward to the one week break tomorrow, it's a little too short though.

Made the Cat Bus from Totoro for today. I think one day during the year end holidays, I'm going to make a big Totoro lunch box with all the characters. :)

Brown rice for the cat bus and Chibi Totoro is made out of quail egg. Other food are chicken patties, beef veggie rolls and strawberries.

Reminds me of Cheshire cat's grin, lol. :)

The bread version is made out of carrot bread and multi-grained bread. :)

With chicken patties and strawberries. :)

My dinner from last Friday night, Spam, chicken and broccoli fried rice, with greens. :)

My lunch today, baked beef and spinach pasta. :)

Items used for today's bentos:


  1. Oh so cute again! I love the cat bus! You are so creative! And your dinner and lunch are looking always so yummy! :)

    1. Tk u so much for ur sweet comments, Maya. :)

  2. No more lurking for me! Haha! Cat bus looks wonderful and I love how you add perfect details to just everything! Question??? Do you normally base your boys lunch from last night dinner or do you make separate lunch menus weekly? May I ask also what your meal planning time looks like? Just trying to find a good organized system!

    1. Yay, glad to see u back, missed ur bentos!! :) It depends, sometimes yes, I just keep part of the marinated ingredients from one dish for dinner n cook it in the morning. Other times, I keep part of ingredients but cook it a different way. N I do plan out what to cook for lunch/dnr for next 2/3 days, so I can write out a shopping list on what to buy. Else I will end up missing a lot of stuff when shopping, my memory is tt bad these days. :(

    2. And Monday bentos are always cook using something from my freezer stash. Because I usually dun cook or do marketing on wkends. I cook more at times for food like meatballs, patties n nuggets n keep them as freezer stash for times like this.

  3. Totoro is so cute, put a smile to my face this morning :) I also like the polka dot red dish with your yummy pasta. Enjoy your one week break with your handsome kids!


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