Wednesday 1 August 2012

Rilakkuma and Piano Bento

I wanted IT to learn the piano a few years back, we were staying near my mum then, my old piano was over there, which means we do not have to spend on getting an instrument. He was not interested and insisted on learning the violin. And so, I agreed. He is still learning the violin today and will be going for his Grade 3 exam next month. :)

And when it was LT's turn, I told him to just learn the violin, since IT can guide him and we already have a good violin teacher. But he said he wants to learn the piano instead. Lol, so we moved my old piano over from my mum's place, and he just started a couple of lessons.

I made a piano bento for them today. That reminds me that I've never made a violin bento, will have to do that soon. :)

Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori playing the piano. Rilakkuma is made from sausage and Kiiroitori is quail egg dyed in tumeric. Took me longer than I expected. -_- I did the one on the right first, ran out of time, so did away with the extra details for the one on the left.

This was lunch, rice with chicken karaage, veggie pancakes, golden kiwis and strawberries.

Then, I decided to do a bigger piano, so it's easier to cut, lol.

Piano is made out of seaweed and cheese and put on top of the sandwich. Other food are chicken karaage and grapes.

My almost 30 year old piano, it's still in very good condition, only needed some tuning and minor repairs. :) No, I can't really play the piano, I stopped after grade 3. My teacher was leaving for overseas studies, so I just conveniently told my mum I wanted to stop, because I hated all the practicing then. And this has always been a regret, wished I had carried on. So, it's my wish the boys can at least master one instrument. For now, I'm having fun playing with LT's beginner book, lol.

Korean seafood pancakes and greens for dinner last night.


  1. Hello Ming (can I call you Ming ?) :). Your bento really touched my heart, I used to play the piano when I was younger. My parents wanted me to play, and I didn't like it much at the beginning but now I am so grateful that they made me continue. My grandmother used to play the piano alot as well, she was such an example for me. It reminds me of a piano bento I did long time ago, it's not very pretty but brings back many memories: Here you go it you want to have a look ! I stopped the piano now, I don't really know why but I haven't been playing for 2 years... Maybe I just felt that I could not reach good enough level, and I felt demotivated. Anyways, your bento are so beautiful as always and I'd love to taste these Korean Seafood pancakes !!!

    1. Yes, of course, Kelyrin. :) And wow, I just saw your piano bento, it's lovely, I can almost imagine its you playing over there. Lol, yah, I wished that time my mum had forced me to carry on then, but she has always been easy on us when enrichments and academics areas.

  2. Li Ming,

    You never run out of idea....Brilliant work! From every bento you made really tell your passions! Salute!

    1. Tks a lot for ur kind compliments, Sannee. :)

  3. Li Ming,

    I was like little kid seeing your bento
    Always amaze me! Brilliant work!

  4. Amazing details!! Every bento you have done make me go Wow! You should really consisted doing a bento book!

    1. Tks a lot, Jasmine. I'm really not gd enuff for a bk n I can't afford the time now as well. Maybe will consider next time when my boys are older n I'm still int in bentos. :)


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