Saturday 18 August 2012

Modes4u Bento Box Review

Modes4u is an online shop selling a good selection of bento items. Modes4u also carries stationery, fabrics, bags, acessories, bento boxes and DIY clay sets. Modes4u is based in Hong Kong. They stock a huge selection of kawaii products directly imported from Japan and the USA and ship to customers worldwide.

I begun corresponding with Modes4u regarding the sponsorship of a bento box late last month. They allowed me to choose a bento box I like from the bento box selection available at their site. They had a lot of cute boxes, took me a while to settle on one that I would like to review.

I finally decided on this big round red lacquer lunch box called the CoroCoro ball lunch. This super cute bento box has a beautiful finish, it's painted with lacquer, by Prime Nakamura and is made in Japan.

The box comes with 2 compartments that can be closed with a separate lid. It also comes with a cooling gel pad. The item is BPA free and therefore is food and child safe. The upper box holds 130ml and the lower box holds 420ml. This box is dishwasher safe up to 140 degrees and the lid can be washed up to 120 degrees.

Modes4u requested for a Christmas themed bento to prepare for their Christmas promotions. I decided to make Santa looking out from the chimney. For the main compartment, the bottom layer is filled with rice. Chimney is made from meat patties and the details are drawn with mayo. Snow and snow flakes are bread. Santa is made out of fish sausage and bread. There's also broccoli in the box. The smaller compartment contains meatballs, grapes and strawberries Santas. Strawberries Santas are made by pipping chocolate on cut strawberries and then assembling them together again.


  1. MIng, lovely Xmas bento!!! I k feel the Xmas mood by looking at it :) Fm Emily

  2. It's fun to look at Christmas bento, love it! Some stores here even started selling Christmas items. What a cute new box too :)

    1. Tks a lot, Rina. :) That is early! I've only seen Halloween stuff here. :)


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