Friday 31 August 2012

Panda Bento

IT had to report early today, so I was up at 6 to prepare his breakfast and snack box for School. No intention to make any charabens, since my brain can't function so early in the morning. :P I was too busy wrapping Teacher's Day pressies with the boys last night and did not have time to prepare any decor in advance. So, it's a really quick fix this morning. Yay for tools and picks! :)

Tried out my new Panda sandwich mould today. Details are filled in with chocolate. :) I bought this mould with the intention of making a bear, hee. :) All things for Sale are sponsoring something similar, a bear outline cutter with diff animal features cutters. It looks really great, can't wait for it to arrive, so I can share about it. :)

I packed salmon mayo sandwich, tonkatsu and strawberries for their lunch. Tonkatsu sauce in the panda container at the back.

This is LT's snack box, but it's the exact stuff for IT's one too. I took a picture of both boxes with flash before the sun came out, it looked horrific, so I decided not to share it. -_- I packed ham and cheese kebabs, cut using FunBites CubeiT, tonkatsu and grapes.

Since I was already up, I cooked my lunch as well, everything was all packed by 7.30 am. Yawns, I'm normally still in bed at that timing, lol. :) It's the exact stuff I had for dinner last night as well, mutli-grained rice, tonkatsu, ebikko stuffed prawns and greens. I kept a portion of the prepared raw ingredients from last night and cook them this morning instead.

I just had to take a close up of the ebikko. It's really yummy and very easy to do. Just mix Japanese mayo with ebikko, stuff in prawns and add a slice of cheese, then bake the prawns in the oven. You can substitute with mentaiko or tobikko if you prefer. :)

Teacher's Day cards I made with the boys during the National Day School holiday. They wrote their own messages and drew on the inside of the card. Pressies were store bought.

There's no School next week, I'll take a break and do my year end holiday planning instead. Might do some baking. Will be back again with bentos after the one week break. :)

Items used in today's bentos:


  1. I am in love with the Panda Bears!! And the cards are lovely too, I am sure the teachers will love them! :)

  2. I love it! I LOVE how simple and cute that panda sandwich mold is! I think I "need" one :)

    1. Tk you very much, Michelle. :) hee, I love this new mould. :)

  3. I think the teachers sure very happy to received the 2 boys card. It was so nice.

    Have a nice holiday ya! I always enjoy reading your post.

  4. The Pandas are so lovely and the little extra chocolate bits must mean they're extra tasty! Yum! Beautiful camera work, the last photo of your lunch leaps out of my computer screen...or I'm wishful dreaming! Lol (^.^)

    1. Tk you for your sweet comments, Berrygirl. :)

  5. I love Pandas! You always make them looks so great :)

    Your blog is fantastic and I am passing the One Lovely Blog award to you. You can check out the details here if you accept :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Tk you very much, Mowie. I dun think I will accept coz I'm really no good with writing a wordy post. I really appreciate the nomination, and thanks a lot. :))


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